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“You won’t find a more wild, rugged, tempestuous and, let’s face it beautiful,coastline in the entire world”
This is according to intrepid wildlife explorer Steve Backshall who has been wildlife watching in plenty of places across the globe to compare it to.

The people of Banffshire are modest in character and not given to boasting, so we'll gloss over the Marine Conservation Society recommendations, The EC bathing water awards etc. Suffice to say that the quality of our beach environments is excellent.

But there's one element of our beaches which you can't quantify and that is their magical quality. Long sandy sweeps nestling in hidden coves between the cliffs makes them extra special and somewhat enchanting. You can find yourself completely alone with acres of sand stretching out before you – your only company the sea birds and possibly the dolphins – in a world of your own. You can see why their seclusion made them popular with smugglers of old! A contrast between rocky cliffs and sandy stretches makes other beaches distinctive.

With a microclimate that is unique to the Banffshire area, the coastline has historically been a hotbed of spectacular storms. Extracts from the Banffshire Journal dating back to 1896 can be found detailing spectacular local storms and the many shipwrecks that came as a result. Wrap up warm and watch the storm roll in - one of nature’s breathtaking phenomena.

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