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Watergaw Ceramics, Whitehills

Based in the former Methodist Church in Whitehills you will find Watergaw Ceramics. There the resident potter Fiona Duckett creates a range of very special pottery. It is all finished with a unique glaze called ‘In Glaze Lustre’ which adds colour and iridescence to the pottery. We have bowls, vases, lamp bases and many other domestic pieces as well as jewellery and hairclips – all individually designed and made on the premises. The range of work is varied and because of the type of glazing no two pieces are identical.

The name for the pottery comes from ancient Scots where watergaw means a partial or incomplete rainbow and when you are making In Glaze Lustre ware you are said to be chasing the rainbow and trying to capture all the colours in your glazes.

Fiona is happy to talk to visitors and to tell them all about the special pieces that she makes.

Opening times
Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and by arrangement
Please phone first if coming far

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