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Harbour Trail

From industrial ports where fishing boats steam in and out at the break and close of the day, to tiny heritage sites where the only fishing is done on a line at the end of the pier, the Banffshire Coast has a diverse collection of harbours. It is the variety in style and scale – and the fact that they are set against beautiful backdrops – that makes them among the most popular attractions of our coastline.

You can find out about them on this interactive map – just click on each harbour to find out more – but to truly understand how these ports play such a pivotal part in our lives, why not visit them – and the people whose lives are centred around them – for yourself. 

We hope that the map above has helped you to get a better understanding of just how integral harbours are to our way of life. If you have the chance, please do come and visit and see them for yourself. Download the podcast below to your mobile device, and you can listen to a commentary during your visit. However, please feel free to listen at home too.

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