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The Dutch are coming!


Dutch tourists could be flocking to the shores thanks to an innovative deal between a travel agency in the Netherlands, and a North-east tourism group.


The Banffshire Coast Tourism Partnership (BCTP) is celebrating the new venture which it hopes will bring new visitors to the North-east.


The BCTP has created a link with Dutch travel agency, Travel4Reasons, who specialise in theme trips to Great Britain and Ireland.


The agency from Groningen already have a track record in bringing Dutch and Belgian Beatle fans, and football afficionados to Britain, as well as whisky drinkers, golfers and anglers to Scotland.


But it is our landscape and the quality of the light on the Banffshire Coast which Travel4Reasons think will appeal to nature lovers and photographers from the Low Countries.


BCTP chairman, Roger Goodyear, explains: “This company is promoting the Banffshire Coast and very much hope to bring groups over ‑ a particular possibility being for photographic packages, thus capitalising on one of our great assets ‑ the wonderful light.”


Travel4Reasons say: “For years we have enjoyed the Scottish Country, the beautiful landscape of the Highlands and the Cairngorm Mountains and the diversity of the Scottish Coast. They inspired us to make packages to meet the beautiful country on its very very best!”


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