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Herring Drifter Trophy in Show


A marble trophy once given to fishing crews who chased the "silver darlings" will be the centrepiece of the "Our Fishing Heritage" Exhibition at the Salmon Bothy, Portsoy from 4th to 7th May 2012.  The Exhibition will also include photographs, posters, fishing artefacts and a film.  The hand-carved Prunier prize was awarded from the 1930s to 1960s to the drifter which netted the highest crannage of herring in one shot in one night.  The first winner, in 1936, was the Aberdeen-built boat, Boy Andrew, crewed by Portsoy fishermen.  The Prunier Trophy is kept at the Lowestoft Maritime Museum and has been loaned to the Salmon Bothy for the exhibition.  It has been to Portsoy before and is relevant because of the link with the first winner.  The trophy is named after Simone Prunier, who, in 1935, opened a London branch of the Paris restaurant Maison Prunier.  She became aware of declining fortunes in the herring industry and decided to award the trophy as an incentive to fishermen.  The last winner was the Fraserburgh-built drifter Tea Rose in 1966.

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