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New Unique Malt Whiskies Developed

Glenglassaugh Distillery has continued its resurgence by creating five unique malt whiskies as part of a deal with a world-renowned winery.  The Distillery has joined forces with Massandra (based in the Crimea) to create a single cask series, with each of the five whiskies given their own unique characteristics and flavour after being finished in casks previously used for maturing fine wine.  Only 1349 bottles have been produced from the five casks which were used to produce the selection which is called The Massandra Connection.

This is the first time that a distillery has been able to use Crimean wine casks in this process.  Previously, the Massandra Winery would use their casks until physical exhaustion and this is the firsrt time that they have allowd the casks to be used outside of the winery.

Massandra is the oldest winery in the Crimea and has been producing fine wines for more than 110 years, winning international acclaim for their exceptional quality.

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