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Seahorses swim into new home at Macduff

The seahorse, once thought of as just a tropical fish, has proved it is a hardy species with the fish now found in Scottish coastal waters.

The species is now the focus of a new exhibit at Macduff Marine Aquarium.  Short-snouted seahourses typically live in coral reefs, but have been found living amongst algae and seagrasses around Shetland, along the West Coast and even in the North Sea.  Their populations are vulnerable, however, and protected in Scotland.

The seahorses have settled in well and are feeding on tiny shrimps.  They have no stomach and a pretty inefficient digestive system, so they need to eat a lot, which certainly keeps the Aquarium team busy.  The team hopes to breed their own seahorses in the future; it's the males that get pregnant.

The arrival of the seahorses was celebrated also through the running of a poetry competition for primary schools across the north-east - with the poems judged by local writer Esther Woolfson.  The winners will get to sponsor a seahorse for their classes. 

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