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Underwater dwellers get home makeover

Macduff Marine Aquarium's unique kelp reef centrepiece exhibit has had a complete makeover.

Thanks to investment by Aberdeenshire Council, the aquarium team has been able to give the 400,000-litre cylindrical tank, which is five metres deep and open to the sky, a complete refit - a refit undertaken with the tank full and still fully occupied!  It was a huge operation to undertake the refit; the divers worked really hard to remove all the old rocks - wielding a sledgehammer underwater is no easy matter and all the while they had to worry about minimising disturbance to the fish. 

The commercial divers needed help from the Aquarium diver to deal with the huge lobster Huffy Horace, as he refused to move from his home, but otherwise the fish coped well, and visitors were fascinated to see the operations.

The process included the design of a new rocky theme, construction of several fake rock pinnacles that will be free-standing in the kelp tank, the removal of 8 tonnes of rubble from the tank, and the placement of the new rocks before the final addition of live kelp to recreate a natural kelp reef.

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