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Gannet couple are TV stars

Macduff Marine Aquarium has adopted two members of Troup Head's world-renowned seabird colony, just one mating pair among the many thousands of gannets currently courting, nest-building and getting down to the serious business of looking after their eggs.

Visitors to Macduff Marine Aquarium will be able to watch the birds - named George and Janet the Gannets by staff - as they come and go over the course of the breeding season, thanks to a spy-on-the-cliffs camera link which beams real-time footage to a monitor in the Aquarium's exhibition hall.

The camera link has been running for the past 6 years in conjunction with the RSPB, but this year the focus will be on one mating pair.  The Aquarium staff will be taking careful note of the milestones the pair reach and their behaviour.

The stars of the summer-long show have a large nest right in the middle of the gannet colony on Troup Head's 50-metre high, north-facing cliffs - the only place on mainland Scotland where gannets nest every year.

George and Janet's adventures can also be followed on the Aquarium's Facebook page.

See www.macduff-aquarium.org.uk for more details.

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