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Historic cross on show in revamped Banff Museum

The original Banff Burgh Cross, dating back centuries, is one of the highlights of Banff Museum which was officially re-opened on 9th August.  The High Street tourist attraction has undergone a complete transformation over the past 3 months thanks to a group of volunteers and a grant from the Banff Common Good Fund.

Improvements include new film which has opened up the windows - making it brighter, but also preserving the artefacts from direct sunlight - and low-energy LED lighting in the artefacts which also improves the displays. 

The Burgh Cross - dating back to the 1400s - has been in storage since 1992, and all involved are delighted that it is now back in Banff.  There are many interesting artefacts on display, including a claymore dating from the early 1300s which is said to be one of the best preserved from the Scottish War of Independence.

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