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Shark myths set to be debunked

Sharks have a fearsome reputation as man-eaters and villains.

But the organisers of Macduff Marine Aquarium's shark season are aiming to dispel those myths.

A fortnight of educational events will showcase the centre's six local species and offer visitors an insight into the lives of the misunderstood predators.

Up until Sunday 26th October, the tourist attraction will be welcoming families with a host of new events.  There is such a wide diversity of sharks, rays and skates that live in our oceans - and the Moray Firth is visited by over 30 different species of these amazing animals.  Sharks have been very important to our lives in the past and continue to be a source of medicinal development for our future too. 

The Aquarium is home to six species of shark found in the seas around Banff, and has its own shark nursery, where baby dogfish and rays are hatched and cared for before they are released into the wild. 

The events running until Sunday 26th October will offer visitors an opportunity to take part in illustrated talks, shark trails, artwork and games, and watch the Aquarium's scheduled feed and dive shows.  Daily interactive shark workshops will look at sharks inside and out, explore how they survive in our oceans, unveil what makes them different from other fish, and describe the role they have played in the lives of people around the world.  Fossils and shark teeth specimens will be on display, including the fossilised tooth of a Megalodon, the largest shark that ever existed. 

Dr Caroline Barelle from the University of Aberdeen will be at the Aquarium on Friday 17th to speak about her work with shark blood and how it can be used in the fight against cancer and other human illnesses.

And on Monday 20th, the Macduff Aquarium's own shark biologist will be talking about her research to protect sharks in the wild and how that can also help to protect humans.

For more information, visit www.macduff-aquarium.org.uk or check out www.facebook.com/macduffmarineaquarium or call the Aquarium on 01261 833369.

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