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Portsoy Salmon Coble Exhibition on at Portsoy Primary

The Portsoy Organisation for Restoration and Training (PORT) salmon coble project, which got underway earlier this year, is recreating from scratch one of the Moray Firth's most iconic and easily recognised historic fishing boats.  The build, which is being carried out by a band of dedicated and committed volunteers, is a keel-up recreation using traditional raw materials and construction methods.

The project volunteers have created an exhibition entitled "The Coble and the King of Fish" to demonstrate the vital role these small boats once played in Scotland's commercial salmon fishing industry.  Sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund, one of the project's key aims is to inform the wider community about related history and traditions.  The exhibition consists of 12 bespoke, boat-shaped illustrated panels and a variety of specially chosen artefacts.  Through an informative selection of illustrations and texts, visitors are able to follow the story of the king of fish - the salmon, the historic development of coastal salmon fishing at Portsoy and the important role played by the coble.  The exhibition explains how these often-overlooked small boats were constructed and how and why PORT is trying to preserve this important area of our heritage by building one from scratch. 

In September, the exhibition went to the Orkney International Science Festival, and in January 2015, the PORT team will be mounting their project exhibition for MSPs at the Scottish Parliament. 

The exhibition is currently on show at Portsoy Primary School where it has been employed as an important local marine heritage educational tool.

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