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Whistle My Lad Film Team set to return to the North-east

The team behind the highly successful short film, Whistle My Lad, which was shot in and around Banff, Crovie and Pennan last year, is preparing to return to the north-east in 2015.

A 15-minute historical romance set in an early 20th century Banffshire coast fishing community, Whistle My Lad premiered to critical acclaim in Aberdeen in May 2014.  It has since been shown at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, recently finished a tour of venues along the north-east coast, and was screened at the recent Aberdeen International Film Festival.

Now Richard Burke, who wrote the screenplay and co-produced the original film, is preparing to shoot a feature-length version of the forbidden romance between two teenagers set in 1911 - hopefully at the beginning of 2015.

The original short film has since been dedicated to the memory of former Banff Academy teacher, Joan Rennie, who lost her life in a fire at her fishing cottage home in Crovie on the eve of the film's premiere in Aberdeen. 

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