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Banffshire Open Water Swimming - Do you fancy taking the plunge?

A new group called Banffshire Open Swimming has been set up to bring together people interested in open water swimming on the Banffshire coast.

Having been approached by a number of people who are interested in open water swimming, this group has been set up to connect people who already swim outdoors, or those who are considering starting. Whether you are a fair weather swimmer, swim all year round, in a wetsuit or skins, all are welcome.

For the more advance, why not consider taking part in in a four day outdoor swimming camp? There are two four day camps organised for 2017 at Loch Lomond (June) and on the Banffshire Coast (September).  The Banffshire Coast is quoted as one of the top Ten Coastlines in the World by National Geographic and the Banffshire Coast Camp will be based around the 16th Century Castle of Park.

The swim camps offer three full days of training, including an optional night swim coached by Chris Sifleet twice English Channel swimmer and André Wiersig completer of three of the ocean seven swims. 

For more informaton please visit www.swim4miles.co.uk or email info@swim4miles.co.uk or call      07917 432900.

The Banffshire Open Water Swimming group meets on Sundays at 10am at Banff Links Beach (AB45 2JJ). You'll know who the group are as they'll be the people in the sea!


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