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Global window on beach views
Feb 18th 2014

Explorers of beaches in Banffshire can now let the world know what they mean to them as part of an innovative online project.

Manonabeach visited the area in 2013, taking in Cullen Bay, Banff and Cullykhan beaches, and asked people on each of them "What does the beach mean to you?"  The videos of the people who gave their thoughts were then uploaded to the project's website.

Now the online resource can allow people to submit their own recorded answers to the question - by text, audio and video - while enjoying responses from other people in the UK or further afield.

Manonabeach.com hosts narrative interviews with beach-goers and has been running for more than two years.  The website is seen in 119 countries.

Local Hero Village Back in Picture
Nov 8th 2012

Local Hero village Pennan is about to provide the backdrop for another film by a team of award-winning movie-makers.

Titanic actor Ewan Stewart will play one of the lead roles in Whistle My Lad when production starts in April 2013.  Billed as a tragic story of forbidden love set against the deep-rooted traditions of a fishing community in the early 1900s, it is being made by the crew behind the BAFTA-winning No More Shall We Part, which was also shot in the north-east.  The production team is determined to find north-east faces and voices for the project.  Scriptwriter Richard Burke used to live on the Banffshire Coast and worked as a coastal salmon fisherman at Macduff.  He and the team have revisited the area and settled on a number of locations around Pennan - made famous in Local Hero in 1983 - and nearby Gardenstown.

New Book Available - Old Gardenstown, with Crovie and Pennan
Nov 6th 2012

This collection, in addition to the picturesque photos of the fishing boats and harbours from which these communities made their livings, also contains fascinating social scenes from the 19th and early 20th centuries of the communities at work and at play.

Available from Edgehill Stores, Gardenstown or by contacting Kay Beaton, the author, at Purple Creative Design - kay@purplecreativedesign.co.uk


Artwork Installation in Pennan
Jul 17th 2012

Fort Fiddes at Cullykhan Bay, near Pennan, will host a four-day installation of artwork called "Peace Camp" from Thursday 19th July to Sunday 22nd July as part of a UK-wide cultural project linked to the Olympic Games.

"Peace Camp" is a collaborative project for the London 2012 Festival and City of Culture 2013, inspired by the ancient idea of an Olympic Truce.

Fort Fiddes is one of only eight national sites (the other Scottish site is on the Isle of Lewis) chosen as a location for the series of coastal installations appearing from dusk until dawn.  Fort Fiddes is a stunning location for this spectacular event which brings together history, art and a sense of place.  Peace Camp will highlight the beauty of Aberdeenshire and will also attract extra visitors to the area over four days of activity, with a mix of national and local events.

The glowing encampments of tents will be set against some of the most breathtaking scenery of the coastline, with visitors able to wander freely through the installation of softly-illuminated tents.

Funding Delivers First Major Results
Feb 16th 2012

The first elements of ground-breaking marketing initiatives for the Banffshire Coast area have now been launched.  The website now contains a new section focusing on one of the area's key attractions, Dolphins and Marine Life, as well as ideas for Great Days Out along our coastline.  These features will make it easy for visitors to find useful information not only about the wildlife, but also about the best viewing points and the range of marine attractions to visit.  The three Marine and Wildlife Itineraries provide ideas for great days out along the coastline, giving visitors lots of reasons to spend time here, whether one day, a few days or longer.  In March, the new Area Guide will be launched.

Sea eagle rescued
Nov 7th 2011

An injured sea eagle, originally from Ireland, is recovering after being stranded on seacliffs near Pennan.

Banff-based boat trip operators, North 58 Sea Adventures rallied to the call from the RSPB when a kayaker spotted the exhausted eagle on the cliffs in an inaccessible cove near the RSPB reserve at Troup Head.

While North 58 boat skipper Ian Page struggled against the failing light and a falling tide, brave RSPB sea eagle officer Rhian Evans ran onto the beach, and swam towards the bird to get it off the cliff, before grabbing the bird and getting it on onboard the Buchaneer. She was pictured in the P&J on the Buchaneer, with an ear to ear grin whilst still keeping a firm grip on the massive bird with its hooked beak and razor talons in clear view.

The bird was whisked off the vets to recover from its ordeal.

Early attempts were made to release the bird back to the wild at the Loch of Strathbeg bird reserve near where it was found, but the eagle refused to go.

It has been taklen back intro care, so that vets can check it for oil on its feathers, and to allow it to put on weight.

New! Mobile website for the Banffshire Coast
Nov 3rd 2011

Great news for the Banffshire Coast Tourism Partnership. Our new mobile website is now live on-line, and available to all who use their mobile phones to access the internet.

This is the future! It means that folk in their cars, or in the street can find out where to go, where to shop, where to eat, where to stay etc in our area, just with a few clicks on their mobiles.

The Banffshire Coast mobile website includes some minor mods to make it easier to use and to read on small  phone screens.

Thanks go to our IT gurus at blue square for creating it.

If you don’t have an internet enabled  phone, you can get a look at the mobile website on:  http://m.banffshirecoast.com/  To see how it actually  looks on a phone screen, make your viewing window much narrower. (Of course, it is much smaller on a phone too.)

Banffshire Coast Tourist Group Awarded Promotional Boost
Sep 30th 2011

Banffshire Coast Tourist Partnership were recently awarded £35,000 funding from a combination of the Rural Tourism Business Support project, the VisitScotland Growth Fund and Aberdeenshire Council.

Over the next 18 months, tourism businesses along the Banffshire Coast will have the opportunity to participate in several significant marketing initiatives, thanks to a recent funding award of £35,000.

The funding, from a combination of the Rural Tourism Business Support project, the VisitScotland Growth Fund and Aberdeenshire Council, will enable the Banffshire Coast Tourism Group to further develop and market the Banffshire Coast as a highly attractive visitor destination.

Roger Goodyear, Chair of the Banffshire Coast Tourism Partnership, commented: "This award is a fantastic opportunity to promote our area to both first time and returning visitors, and follows on from a very successful short marketing campaign run at the beginning of this year which resulted in visits to our website (www.banffshirecoast.com) rising by more than 1500%."

The four marketing initiatives fall under two themes - Outdoor and Ancestral.  A full-colour 48-page pocket Area Guide, to be distributed throughout Scotland and the Banffshire area, will contain high-quality imagery and editorial content to encourage both visits to and wider exploration of the area.  The other three initiatives will focus on the area's strengths of Marine Life, Walking and Birdwatching, and Ancestral.  They will all involve a combination of activities, including the creation of new sections for the website, e-flyer campaigns to targeted market segments, PR trips and familiarisation visits, as well as social media campaigns.  All four initiatives will provide tourism businesses in the area excellent opportunities to advertise their own individual offering.

Roger Goodyear commented further:  "The Banffshire Coast has a wide range of tourism attractions and services, but these have never been brought together in a way which is 'visitor friendly'.  The planned campaigns will draw all of these elements together in one place and promote comprehensive packages and itineraries to those with these specific interests - for the very first time.  We will be showing visitors just how they can spend their time in our area - whether one day, a few days or longer.  By focussing on the web and social media, we will be able to achieve more significant results than the traditional advertising routes which are out of the reach of our budget, as well as utilising the most up-to-date promotional tools.  We are very grateful to our 3 funding partners - without whom we would not be in a position to make this step change in tourism on the Banffshire Coast."

For more information, please contact:  Zillah Jamieson, Director, Banffshire Coast Tourism Partnership Limited; 01542 840314; zillahj@btinternet.com

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